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Through our on-line booking service, you are contracting a reservation for tourist accommodation, a service which is subject to the following conditions:

These General Conditions establish, along with other terms and conditions, the legal framework that will regulate the contracting of services consisting of the provision of hotel accommodation services, carried out through the Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM. This Website belongs to the Organisation MIMAGO S.L, a legally established company, with registered address at CALLE GAVIOTAS Nº 18 07183 PAGUERA, BALEARES, tax code b07622368, and entered on the Companies Registry of the ISLAS BALEARES in Volume 1088, Folio 82, Sheet 13493, Section 8.

The purpose of these contract conditions is to regulate the terms for contracting/reserving the services offered by the Company through the Website and the corresponding remuneration and/or payment to be made by the Customer to the Company.

Before initiating the contract procedure and by means of techniques adapted to the means of communication used, the Company makes clear, understandable and unequivocal information available to the recipient permanently, easily and free of charge, on the following matters:

a) The various procedures that must be followed to accept these General Conditions of contract.
b) Electronic file of these General Conditions of contract, available at all times.
c) The Company makes the technical means available to the Customer to identify and correct any errors.
d) The language in which these General Conditions of contract are made official is Spanish.
e) Before initiating the contract procedure, the Company makes the General Conditions available for the Customer to save and reproduce.
f) Additionally, the online contracting of products offered by the Company through this Website will be subject to the provisions in the Website’s legal statement or notice.
g) These General Conditions have been produced in accordance with the provisions established in Act 34/2007 governing information society services and electronic commerce; Act 7/1998 governing General Conditions of Contract, Royal Decree 1906/1999 regulating contracting by telephone or electronic means with General Conditions in implementation of article 5.3 of Act 7/1998; Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, enacting the consolidated text of the Consumer and User Protection Act, and other complementary legislation.
h) The sale of any of the hotel accommodation services provided by our Company through its Website implies the Customer’s acceptance without reservation of each and every one of the General Conditions of Contract and the General Conditions for use of the Website, and any of the Specific Conditions that apply.
I) The Company informs Customers that the procedures to contract the services offered are those described in these General Conditions, as well as the Specific Conditions indicated on the Website while browsing, such that the Customer states that he or she knows and accepts said procedures as necessary to access the hotel accommodation services offered.
j) All information provided during the contract process will be stored by the Company. Any modification or correction of the data provided by Customers while browsing must be made according to the indications contained on the Website.
k) By providing his or her details, the Customer gives their explicit consent for their personal data to be processed for the purpose of contracting/reserving the hotel accommodation offered.

The Customer contracts the Company’s hotel accommodation services, and the Company accepts the order to provide the services selected on the Website, in accordance with this contract regarding price, General Conditions and Specific Conditions of the service/services selected.

The Vendor reserves the right to modify said conditions unilaterally, without this affecting any services or promotions that were contracted prior to any such modification.

The Vendor of the services contracted by the Customer and/or User is MIMAGO S.L, a hotel company that provides hotel accommodation services. The Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM is registered under the name of MIMAGO S.L. The trade name is duly registered under the name of the Company and/or Organisation.


  1. The purpose of these contract conditions is to establish the conditions for the sale and/or reservation of the services to be contracted on the Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM. The conditions regulate the contractual relationship of the sale/reservation of hotel accommodation generated between the Vendor and the Buyer when the latter accepts the corresponding box during the online purchase process. The characteristics of the services contracted are reflected in the corresponding pages on this Website, as well as the particular features of each operation that can be carried out on the Website, and always in Spanish.
  2. The contracting of any of the services and/or products by the Buyer through the Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM entails acceptance of and being bound by these General Conditions and/or Specific Conditions of Sale in their entirety.
  3. Through the Website, the Company provides hotel accommodation reservation and/or sale services, which are always offered by MIMAGO S.L. This reservation and/or sale of hotel accommodation shall be governed by the Conditions of Contract contained herein and by any Specific Conditions that apply to each of the products and services offered.
  4. The prices applicable to the products and/or services contracted are those indicated on the Website on the date on which they are reserved and/or contracted. VAT is included in the price.
    Offers are duly marked and identified, indicating the previous price and the offer price.
  5. All the technical means and requirements needed to access the page, the Website and the services and/or products available on it shall be exclusively the responsibility of the User, as well as any costs or taxes to which the provision of said services may be subject.
  6. Having accessed the Website, and in order to use the various services, the User must follow all the indications and instructions shown on the site, and complying to that effect with the Specific Conditions and other forms established for each service, which entails reading and accepting all the General Conditions of Contract and any of the Specific Conditions that may be applicable.

Services must be contracted by specifically selecting the type of accommodation desired, using the purchase and/or reservation selection instruments installed on the Website. Once the purchase and/or reservation request has been selected and verified, you will have explicitly accepted in full each and every one of the General Conditions contained on the Company’s Website, and which implies the contracting of the services requested.

From the moment of acceptance, the User is granted the status of Customer of the Company as described in these General Conditions. Any service, product and/or reservations offered subsequently by the Company shall be subject to a new contract.

Users/Customers are advised to read these General Conditions carefully, and either print them out or save the document in electronic format.
To contract the services offered on the Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM and/or to access particular services, the User must register his or her personal details, including email address.
Once your data is registered on our server, or you contract our services, your personal and professional details, address and chosen method of payment are added to our database, which is used solely to process registration of the service contracted for the selected period and to send information on offers and information that may be of interest to you during the period contracted. At any time, you can modify your Customer registration data (address, contact telephone number, email address, etc.).

You are informed that, in accordance with article 27 of Act 34/2002 governing Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the contract procedure will consist of the following steps:

  1. To start to contract an accommodation service on WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM, the User must select one of the hotel room accommodation services shown on the Website, by proceeding to reserve it by selecting the arrival and departure dates. The User can view and control the accommodation selected. The selected product, reservation dates and price will be shown.

    Once the accommodation and the arrival and departure dates have been selected, the User must then complete the reservation and/or purchase procedure. In this step, the User must provide his or her details and select one of the permitted payments and/or
    reservation systems. In the event of paying and/or reserving by credit card, the User must enter the details of his or her selected credit or debit card and must accept the General Conditions of contract and/or reservation. The conditions of the reservation that has been selected and its price will then be shown. VAT is included in the price.

    Users may apply any discounts available to them.
    At this point, the User can proceed to make the payment and/or confirm the reservation.

  2. To make the reservation and/or payment, all the selected details must have been entered and the General Conditions of contract accepted. To do so, a form must be completed with the information requested. Any information that is necessary to proceed to the purchase will be marked with an asterisk.
    The User can check the appropriate box to ask to receive news and offers from MIMAGO S.L.
  3. The payment/reservation method accepted by the Vendor is:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
  4. Finally, the User must confirm the contract and/or reservation.

The accommodation offered for sale on the Website has a description that is as accurate as possible regarding the characteristics of the hotel accommodation to which the contract and/or reservation relates. The Specific Conditions listed in the appendix are applicable to the hotel accommodation offered.

The prices applicable to each of the hotel accommodation services offered shall be those published on the Website WWW.MORLANSHOTELS.COM, indicated below each accommodation depending on the date selected. Prices are shown in euros.

Once the hotel accommodation service to be reserved and/or contracted has been selected, before the Buyer accepts the operation, the price will be clearly specified for each service selected and/or contracted and/or any applicable costs and any applicable promotions and/or discounts.

The Vendor reserves the right to modify the prices at any time. In the event of the sale and/or reservation price being modified, the products and/or services will be invoiced according to the price indicated during the contract and/or reservation registration process.

Any payments made to the Vendor will entail an invoice being issued in the name of the User and/or Customer.
For any information about the service contracted, The Vendor will provide a customer services desk that Users can ring at 971686508 or email at:

The offers on the Website and/or the services offered on the Website will be available until any modification relating to the offer and/or service is made, notice of which will be given one week in advance.

The Contracting Party acquires the status of consumer and User, and in accordance with article 68 of Royal Decree 1/2007, is entitled to or has the right to withdraw within a period of DAYS.

In accordance with article 71 of Royal Decree 1/2007, because this contract pertains to a service, the right of withdrawal period of 14 days will begin on the date on which this contract is entered into, which shall be deemed to have occurred from when these contractual conditions have been explicitly accepted.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer may use any of the following methods:

a) By telephone at the number 971686508.
b) By email at the address CALLE GAVIOTAS Nº 18 07183 PAGUERA, BALEARES. Using the withdrawal form that the Customer must download here, and which can be sent to the email address In this case the Customer must state WITHDRAWAL FORM as the subject of the email.

With this selected reservation, in the event of cancellation, MIMAGO S.L will not charge any cancellation cost, provided that the reservation is cancelled one day prior to the date of arrival at the hotel. If the reservation is cancelled outside the period established or in the day of arrival, a cancellation cost will be charged equivalent to one night’s stay. In the event of a no-show, the full stay will be charged.

WITHDRAWAL FORM (You should only complete and send this form if you wish to withdraw from the contract).

FOR THE ATTENTION OF: MIMAGO S.L, with personal/company tax code: b07622368, address at: CALLE GAVIOTAS Nº 18 07183 PAGUERA, BALEARES, Tel. no.: 971686508, Email:

  • I hereby inform you that I withdraw from my reservation contract with reference no.
  • reference no. Pertaining to reservation no.:
  • with purchase date
  • Name of Buyer(s)
  • Address of Buyer(s)
  • If the shipping address is not that of the Buyer, the following information must be completed:
  • Name of recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Signature of Customer(s) Date
  • Signature of the professional(s) Date

Contracts shall be deemed to have been formalised and will produce all the effects provided for by the legal system, when there is mutual consent and the other requirements for it to be valid are met. They shall be governed by the provisions set out in the Information Society Act, articles 23 and 24, in the Civil Code, in the Commercial Code and in other Spanish civil or mercantile regulations.

The contract between the parties will be presumed to have been formalised in the locality of the Company’s registered address and/or establishment.


The Company reserves the right to modify or replace these Contract Conditions upon completion of the contract as a consequence of the existence of new economic and/or commercial circumstances that would make it advisable to do so, as well as modify, alter and distribute laws, regulations and rules applicable to the provision of the service and/or related aspects.

The Company undertakes to make every effort to maintain an acceptable level of compliance with its contractual obligations.

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